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Tavi Munk

self employed
Birmingham, Alabama
Hi all, I'm Tavi. Just a silly, social big kid. I'm a furry as well and just pop in and out here to share my interest and common interests with others.

I know some will ask about my art here. I'm just posting what I do just for display. Commissions are taken by email only and for more info go to my site, www.liltavimunk.com

(NOTE: I do post art here and other locations. All the images, under Tavi Munk or Munkart, are copyright to the artist, me, and the owners of the characters drawn in the pictures. PLEASE do not copy, alter, reproduce, or post as your own. The Admins will be notified if if such actions are spotted)

My Panelists Sessions

Saturday, September 3

1:00pm CDT